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That’s me: Ron Goldberg — Boy with the Bullhorn. 

AIDS Activist. Protest Organizer. Chant Queen. 

Boy with the Bullhorn is the inspiring story of ACT UP, the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, and a memoir of life on the frontlines of the AIDS crisis. It’s a story of a young man and a community coming of age and fighting for their lives. It’s a snapshot of New York City during the darkest days of the epidemic — the view from the streets and the hospital rooms, the bars and the meeting halls, the demonstrations and the memorials — told with love, anger, and great humor. It’s about finding your voice, discovering your power, and changing the world.

Whether disrupting the Stock Exchange, shutting down the FDA, invading St. Patrick’s Cathedral, or dumping cremation ashes onto the White House lawn, ACT UP and its provocative, media-savvy demonstrations transformed America’s response to the AIDS crisis and helped save hundreds of thousands of lives. To this day, ACT UP remains a model and touchstone for activists working across a host of issues, from cancer and disease research to patient advocacy, from immigration rights to Occupy Wall Street.  

© Ron GoldberG 2012