Ron Goldberg is a writer and activist. As a member of ACT UP from 1987 - 1994, Ron was a lead organizer for many of the group’s major demonstrations and participated in countless zaps and actions. Ron chaired numerous committees, facilitated the weekly Monday night meetings, wrote fact sheets and fundraising appeals, and served as ACT UP’s unofficial “chant queen.” 

Ron has previously written about his experiences with ACT UP for OutWeek and POZ magazines, and for the journal Central Park.  

Since leaving ACT UP in 1994, Ron has helped organize a number of Marriage Equality and anti-Prop 8 demonstrations in New York City and participated — though perhaps not as much as he should have — in anti Iraq-war and Occupy Wall Street protests. 

Ron lives with his partner, fellow ACT UP-alum Joe Chiplock, in New York City. Their first date was ACT UP’s 1991 Labor Day invasion of George Bush’s “ancestral home” in Kennebunkport, Maine.  

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